Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween 2012.

 How was your Halloween? Ours was a little different this year. We didn't go to as many events because Emmett has an ear infection. Matt also started his last class so he was not able go trick-or-treating with us this year. :( Here are some pics of our decorated pumpkins!
{you can probably tell which one Emmett colored :)}
Ethnie decorated the one with the colorful feathers!

We went to our church Halloween party last weekend. Please excuse the lighting in these pictures. It was so bad! I guess that's what you get when you are in a gym. It was fun to see all the kids dressed up.
 Our buddy, Ezra!!
strike a pose
Woody {poor Emmett, he was quite the mess at the party. we found out the next day he had an ear infection. plus, he wouldn't keep his hat on and his shirt kept popping open! grrr.}  
HATED the hat
 time for a cupcake
this cheered him up. a bit.
 craft table
I know, right? a picture of me with the kids.
 saying goodbye to friends :)

We went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood too. We walked with Ethnie's friend Olivia and her mom. Many houses in our area have great Halloween decor! There are always tons of kids and it's fun running into neighbors we haven't seen in awhile. It's crazy to me how life can get so busy that you don't even see your NEIGHBOR everyday?! Anyway, I hope you all had a safe Halloween and are enjoying your kids' candy. ;)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

growing up too fast.

The other day I was asking Ethnie about her day at school after she got home. We were sitting on the steps because it was such a beautiful day (68 degrees!). Emmett was still napping so it was just the two of us. She was telling me about a math game that her class was playing and she sounded so ... grown up! I felt like I was talking to a teenager. It shocked me for a moment and I had to remind myself to keep listening to her. I was missing my little girl!

Now, I know she is still little. But she will be 7 years old in two short months and that makes me feel old. I won't even begin to tell you how much I'm dreading my birthday. As she was talking about school she was so excited and animated about everything and it was so cute to listen to. She even has drama with her friends already! "Mom, so-and-so said they wouldn't be my friend anymore if I don't play with them." Too funny. We discuss the day-to-day "drama" and come up with good solutions. 

I am grateful that she feels comfortable talking to me about everything. I can only hope she feels the same way in the future when the real drama begins. :)
dolly is still her best friend

I love you, Ethnie!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

train time.

I took Emmett to Choo Choo Bob's Monday morning. He loves this place! I've mentioned before; it's a great cure for a crabby/fussy toddler. We normally hang out here on rainy mornings, but today I could just sense Emmett's desire to go. We stayed for about an hour and he enjoyed every minute. Although it was a bit crowded, he seemed to get along with all the other kids without any meltdowns.

Okay, so I took a LOT of pictures. I'm not even going to post all of them. Many of them are of Emmett doing the same thing, but his facial expression is so priceless I had to share them all. I was giggling the entire time I was adding these photos!
 Emmett's favorite
 heading back to the play tables
we had a great morning learning about trains :)