Wednesday, May 30, 2012

spring in st. paul.

Our neighborhood has exploded in color over the past two months. It's always so fun to see new blooms each year. I have to say, our neighborhood is pretty impressive when it comes to gardening. Folks around here have green thumbs! It's becoming more and more common to see one's front yard entirely converted into a garden. I think it gives a home in the city a more private feel. Here are some pictures I've taken while taking Emmett on walks:

I always think of the garden of Eden when I see gardens like these!
Have a great day!

catching up with ethnie.

Ethnie has been a very busy girl. She has been reading like crazy, trying new things and being a helpful, sweet big sister. She is now just shy of 6 1/2 years old and I wish she wasn't growing up so fast! I was watching videos of her the other day when she was a toddler and I got sad. :(  Some newer 'big girl' things Ethnie is doing:
* reading books completely on her own. her favorite author is Eric Carle.
* counting into the hundreds and doing simple math.
* writing a ton!
* taking showers instead of baths
* being persistent on choosing her own outfit to wear

Some pictures of Ethnie teaching Emmett how to water flowers. They were actually watering weeds.:)

Last Friday Ethnie's class put on a play for all of the parents. They performed, The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. It was so sweet! Ethnie and her friend Ella were horses. Afterward, families were invited into their classroom for cookies and lemonade. I am so grateful I was able to attend.

On Memorial Day we had a picnic/bbq with some of Matt's coworkers. The weather was perfect. One of Matt's friends taught Ethnie how to play tennis. She caught on rather quickly.
I love my sweet girl!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

one week left until the mud run!

I am getting pretty excited for next Saturday! I am doing a 5K women's mud run in Hugo. I have been staying on top of my training and am feeling great. Two days ago I had my best run so far, and I did it in the rain through plenty of puddles. I have also gone to Minnehaha Falls to run the stairs. Wow, what a workout. My legs get plenty tired doing that. Our team ordered pink tank tops to run in. We are picking them up on Wednesday. On the front they say "run like a mudder mucker." The mudder muckers is our team name :). I'm still not sure what shoes to wear. I want to wear some junkers that I can donate afterwards, but I can't find any! The running shoes I have now I love and don't want to trash. I guess I still have a week to look. Here's another inspirational photo:  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

it's a good book when...

The Pact.jpg 

I just finished this book, The Pact. Wow, it was really good. Deep, intense, and good.  This is the same author who wrote My Sister's Keeper. I will definitely be reading more of her books! If there's anyone out there who would like to borrow my copy, let me know. I love it when I find a great book to read, especially when it's better than you had anticipated. You know you're reading a great book when:
* you talk about it to other people
* you loose track of how many pages you've read in one sitting
* it's difficult to find a place to 'stop' for the time being
* you start picturing yourself being friends with the characters
* you stay up WAY too late reading because you can't stop turning the pages
* you arrive to an appointment early so you can fit a chapter in
* you start walking around the house with the book and move it from room to room just in case you have a minute to squeak in a paragraph
* you 'miss' the book after you're finished reading it

The books I read before these were The Hunger Games. I also recommend those and the movie!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

just something to read.

This week is going well, I'd say. Aside from the fact that yesterday I started getting the chills and a sore throat, I've had some good luck. Here's something to read:

Yesterday it was raining off and on all day. Late morning, Emmett and I went for one of our usual walks. When we got half way around the block we saw some dark gray clouds rolling in. I started walking faster and encouraging Emmett to do the same. When we got to the corner where we live, it started pouring. I scooped Emmett up and darted up the lawn to the house. Wheeww! We made it just in time. After an hour of pouring rain, I started looking around for my phone. No phone. Anywhere. I had it in the pocket of my sweater and had no idea where it went. Then an awful thought crossed my mind: It's OUTSIDE. No way. I slipped someone's shoes on and ran out in the rain retracing my steps. Sure enough, laying on the lawn was my phone. Getting poured on. For an hour. Defeated, I brought it inside and dried it off. I turned it on and it seemed to be working.?? Crazy. I navigated through it for awhile and nothing is wrong with it! Oh, I failed to mention the fact that I had just gotten the phone the day prior to this happening. This kind of luck never happens to me....

Emmett's last 4 teeth have finally broken through! It's been hard for him the past few weeks dealing with the pain and tenderness of his gums. He hasn't been eating much because of it and he's been fussy. Now that they have broken through the gum line things are looking up. Fingers crossed!

I have decided to do a 5K mud run! It will be on June 2nd. The proceeds go to supporting leukemia & lymphoma research to find a cure for blood cancers. This is my second week of training and I have been feeling good. Until now I hadn't been running much because I'm more into walks, yoga and pilates. So I was pretty sore after the first two days of running. Today was the first time I went for a run with Emmett in the jogger and he liked it. He was a really good boy. Running with a stroller is definitely more challenging; pushing the extra weight and all. I'll keep you all posted on how training is going! Here's a visual of what a mud run is like:
Can't wait!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

show time.

On Friday night, Ethnie performed "A Ballet Story" at the Fitzgerald Theater. She did very well and I am so proud of her. The girls in her class were little background dancers. They look so cute when they are on stage. Ethnie loves being on stage and watching the company dance. Once again, I volunteered backstage, which I love. It's a chaotic, but exciting place to be during a ballet. You get to see just how much work it takes to put on a production. Like always, I was not able to take any photos backstage or in the theater, but I took a couple in the dressing area. Way to go, Ethnie!
before we left

in her costume all ready to dance!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

22 months.

This is a bit overdue, but Emmett recently turned 22 months old. I can't believe he will be two years old in two months. He is definitely not a baby anymore. :( Here's a picture from a trip to Home Depot we took two days ago. Crazy hair, I know.