Tuesday, October 21, 2014

pumpkins with nana and lunch on a riverboat.

I meant to post these sooner... you know how that goes. All of a sudden I realize two weeks have gone by and I still have blog posts in limbo. But, better late than never.
Two weekends ago my mom stayed the weekend with us and we had a great time. The kids were so excited to be with Nana. We took them to the pumpkin patch/farm that we like near Stillwater.
feeding the ducks corn
We took the kids over to the corn pit and didn't think Emmett would want to go in. He walked over to it and felt the corn. Then he climbed in and got really quiet. I thought this was my cue to brace myself, but he relaxed and crawled over to some trucks. He played in the pit for almost an hour!
happy boy
so much corn!
^^Ethnie brought a whole ear of corn over to the goats and they went nuts. They would have torn down the fence if they could. It was so funny.
happy to be with Nana.

Last weekend we made a last-minute reservation on the Avalon river boat on the St. Croix river in Stillwater. It was such a beautiful day and we wanted to take advantage of it. 
all aboard

^^the kids loved watching the big paddles
these sweet smiles make me melt
^^beautiful fall foliage

heading downstairs for lunch.
lunch buffet
^^back up on deck having a fun time!
^^Ethnie took a turn with the camera and Emmett was not in the mood for another photo.
taking a few minutes for myself
^^ready to dock
all done!
We had such a nice ride on the river boat. I highly recommend it for a date or a family activity! We definitely plan on doing it again next summer. Bon voyage!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

take-a-parent-to-school day.

On Wednesday, Matt and I got to attend take-a-parent-to-school day at Emmett's school. It was really fun to be able to see what his morning schedule is like, live in class. Emmett was so excited when he saw us walk in. Naturally, the children were distracted with all the parents in the room, but we got a great idea of what normally goes on each day. :)
^^morning circle time with yoga
^^the E students :)
It was fun walking around the classroom seeing all of the work the kids have been doing.
^^each child had to draw a picture of a rule they have in their home. I think his teacher helped with this one. ;)
tracing his name with Ms. Ying, one of the teaching assistants. 

^^picking out his favorite color for a project
^^Emmett chose blue. we both have the same favorite color. :)
^^all done.

we are so proud of the work you've been doing in preschool! thanks for letting us hang out with you. keep up the great work!
love you bud- mom