Friday, November 25, 2011

updates in a snap.

1. Jackson: We are still taking care of him and really enjoying it! A bit of bad news; he jumped down from our ottoman and hurt his leg. :( He has been limping for a few days now so we are taking him to the vet tomorrow. Not sure what is wrong.

2. We had some family pictures taken last week and they look beautiful! My wonderful cousin took them. She is a very talented photographer! Her website is Check her out. I am excited to show everyone the pictures!

3. Thanksgiving! We had a very nice day with Matt's family for Thanksgiving. The weather was fabulous, food was delicious, company was great, and pants are definitely tighter. We had to watch a movie so our stomachs could settle! I am extremely blessed and so grateful for my health, family, home and faith.

4. Black Friday birthday. Kind of lame, I know, but it was still a good day. I am now 29...!! Sigh... Matt had the day off so I was able to spend it with my family. I also got to get out and go shopping. That was definitely a perk! I ended my birthday with dinner at my brother-in-law's house. Once again, the pants feel tighter. I don't feel any older, but I am getting paranoid about looking older. Time to embrace the world of anti-aging products!

I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend!

we love the mn children's museum.

Last week I took Emmett to the Children's Museum. Now that he is a bit older he LOVES it. Every time we go he remembers his favorite spot. It's called the "water works" room, which has 4 different stations with water, pipes, bubbles and ramps to play and discover. It gets a bit crazy because Emmett acts as if he's in a swimming pool...

what I have to pack when we come here:
extra clothes, towel, rain jacket!


We love our museum membership!


I know. I haven't made an update in awhile. Sorry! We have been busy. So, who is this dog you see? This is Jackson, our new foster dog! We have had him for 2 weeks now and he has been great! He is indeed funny looking, but such a big sweetie. He is a Japanese Chin, about 5 years old, and weighs around 8 pounds. The shelter is pretty sure he is from a puppy mill. :( Really sad, I know. He is a very good dog. He's great on walks, goes potty outside, sleeps in his crate, does not bark, and is great with kids! We have actually grown quite attached to him already. He is very low maintenance and makes a great companion.

If you're interested; he's available!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

where's your sweatshirt?

I know it's only Tuesday, but I've already decided on my favorite moment of the week; it happened yesterday evening and, again, involves Ethnie (love this girl!).

First of all, a brief synopsis of the latest battle I've been having with her:
Ethnie hates pants. All she wants to wear are skirts, tshirts, or dresses. So annoying. Since fall has arrived, this has become a huge issue. At her age, she now wants to pick out her own outfit to wear to school. And, because she wants to pick out something she wore 3 months ago when it was 80 degrees outside, you can imagine my frustration. So, here's the new rule:
Ethnie can wear whatever she wants as long as it is weather appropriate (i.e; involves long pants and long sleeves). Since the new rule has been established, the unveiling of the outfit has passed the test, but I have to bite my tongue at some of the combinations she puts together. I have decided that because she is obeying my rule, I need to let her be proud of her interesting outfit and let her wear it. Sigh. So, if you see a recent picture of Ethnie wearing some kind of graphic-t with clashing striped leggings and glittery cheetah-printed shoes, you'll remember; I'm choosing my battles.

Now, on to my favorite moment of the week:
Yesterday, Ethnie went to school wearing a zip-up sweatshirt (which I knew she was going to take off the second she got to school). As expected, her sweatshirt was in her backpack when she got home. Later that evening, we were sitting together and I started asking her questions. Here is how the rest of our conversation went:

Me: sweetie, why did you take off your sweatshirt at school today?
Ethnie:(apprehensive) well, because I get hot.
Me: well, that's fine for awhile, but when you go outside to come back home you need to wear it.
Ethnie: but then I won't be first.
Me: first? for what?
Ethnie: in line. to wait for the bus. I won't be first if I have to put on my sweatshirt AND coat AND backpack before I line up. And it's not fair if I have to be in the middle or at the end because I don't like that. I always want to be first.
Me: oh....(long pause. what was I suppose to say to that? my first reaction was to say, way to go! nice strategy! but I can't). Sweetie, that's okay. You don't always have to be first. You need to let the other kids be first too.
Ethnie: but I always want to be first.

I think it's so funny to hear Ethnie's reasoning for things. It makes perfect sense to her!