Tuesday, August 5, 2014

congrats greg and heather!

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to help photograph my cousin Greg's wedding in Moorhead/Detroit Lakes. Matt and Ethnie came with me. We decided it was best for Emmett to stay home with my in-laws. I was really sad to leave him behind, but he would have been miserable at the wedding reception and the hotel. His sensory issues with crowds, strange places, and loud noises would have been torture for him. I missed him the whole time we were away, but I know he was happier with Grammy and Papa. Hopefully, the next family wedding we go to Emmett will be ready to take it on.
the adorable couple! along with a great photo bomb by my cousin Brian. ;)

beautiful reception at the pavilion right on the beach.
We had a blast at the reception. Greg and Heather had a band and they played great songs. Greg eventually got up on stage and played guitar with them!
Greg is by far the tallest of the family. He literally had to bend over to dance with Ethnie. So cute. :)
my favorite cousin Jen! she is like a sister to me. isn't she gorgeous? she was also the photographer and her photos are always amazing.
within the 24 hours we were in town, Ethnie was somehow able to sneak in 3 swims in the hotel pool.

Here are some adorable pictures Matt's mom took of Emmett while we were gone. They took him to the Washington County Fair to see the animals and tractors. Thanks Papa and Grammy for giving Emmett such a fun sleepover! :)
so happy :)

giddy up

I hope you all had a great weekend! The weather has been amazing! We are looking forward to spending this weekend at my dad's on the boat. :)