Tuesday, September 25, 2012

dudes and dogs.

Emmett and I visited my brother Steve the other day. He lives in Uptown so we took a walk to Lake of the Isles and went to the dog park. Steve and Alison have two dogs and they are pretty cute and wild! Their names are Izzy and Louie. Emmett loved following them around and playing with sticks. He also loved exploring the shoreline and trees.
Emmett was obsessed with this willow tree and kept walking under the branches.
playing with the doggies
Louie and Izzy
milk break
We had a good time with Uncle Steve. We get to watch dogs tomorrow and I know Ethnie and Emmett will be thrilled. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

happy fall!

Today is the first day of fall and I'm trying to have a good attitude about it. It's not that cold. Yet.
Here are some things I enjoy about the fall season:
- I'm a fan of a fall wardrobe. Cozy layers, full-length pants, sweaters, blazers, scarves, boots!
- Going to the apple orchard with my family.
- Eating comfort food :)
- Seeing vibrant red, orange and yellow all around me.
- Throwing on a light jacket and going for a walk.
- Raking. I like to rake!

Here are some pictures from a recent Sunday evening we spent on Harriet Island. It was definitely an end-of-summer evening.
so happy
I totally want to stay here!
how fun is this?!
Ethnie took this picture!
Happy fall kick-off!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Over the summer, Emmett has really gotten to know his buddy, Ezra (I love that name!). They seem to get along really well and look so cute when they play together. One perk that I love about them hanging out together is that I get to hang out with his mom, Kristy! She is super fun to be with! So we have been hanging out more, which is awesome. So here are a few pictures playing with "Eh-wah".
hanging at Ezra's house.

These are a few pictures taken at a play area when we went to the Junk Bonanza in Shakopee. Long story short, Kristy and I had a lame experience, but the boys had fun.
Ezra and his gorgeous mom, Kristy.
I love little feet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

shoe laces and a bicycle.

Shortly before school started, Ethnie had almost mastered tying her shoes by herself. Now, she is a pro. She loves tying her bright, glittery shoes and I know she feels special in them. She says they make her run REALLY fast.

Over the weekend, we got her a big girl bike without training wheels! She picked it out and loves it. We did a lot of balancing, pedaling and steering over the weekend. There was also frustration and sore backs, but we are making progress. :) As soon as she gets home from school she wants to hop on that bike.

loving her bike helmet. she even takes walks with it on. without the bike!

Monday, September 17, 2012

latest lit #6.

When I saw the trailer for the movie based on this book, I was interested. However, I held off for awhile because I had the wrong impression of the story. Then I found out what it was really about and I put a request in at the library to hold it right away!

This book is about violence in schools, which is becoming quite popular today. The entire book is a collection of letters written by the mother in the story, and the entire book is from her perspective. There is dialog, but it's from the mother's perspective. If the theme or perspective doesn't interest you, I would still strongly recommend this book based entirely on the talent that this author has. The diction this author uses is so intelligent and interesting. The similes, metaphors and personification is amazing and I would read this book over again just to experience it another time.

I believe there are many women out there, more than we know, who feel the same way about their child as Eva does in this story. They don't want to have a child, but end up having one anyway thinking their feelings will change once they give birth. In this book, Eva has a child because she loves her husband so much and knows he desires to become a father. She also feels having a child will fill a void in their life. But when Kevin arrives, he is different. There is something about him that is not normal or loving. She battles with the fact that no one else believes something is unnatural about Kevin, especially her husband. Another battle Eva faces is the end result in Kevin's personality and actions: Was it her fault he ended up as a disturbed, violent kid? Was it because of her attitude as a mother? Did she not try hard enough? Or was this his destiny all along?  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I feel like I've been in a bit of a slump lately. Maybe it's because summer is ending and I know what's around the corner. The leaves are already changing and falling around here. It makes me sad knowing that soon the sun will only be a source of light and not warmth. Here are some things that have been on my mind.

- Emmett has been especially needy and clingy (separation anxiety phase?) with me lately. When anyone comes over he clings to me because he thinks I'm going to leave. He wants me to cuddle with him a lot and if we need to cross the street he only wants me to hold his hand. He needs a lot of time-outs too. They seem to be helping with hitting and throwing. He also won't eat. Anything.

- I have felt extremely bored lately. I try really hard to keep myself busy by doing little projects, reading or organizing, but it doesn't help. I want to start a new activity or hobby for myself but I feel like finding babysitting arrangements and the time to do it will annoy me to the point of not wanting to keep up with it. I think I'm just so ready for that next stage for our family. I'm counting down the minutes until Matt graduates and gets a better job. He will be much happier then too.

- Ethnie is going through a demanding/whining stage. It's been hard to deal with because it can be disrespectful. Ethnie is such a good girl and it irks me to see her acting this way. It takes every ounce of patience I have to stay calm about it and deal with it in a mature, caring way. I know it will pass, but what are the teenage years going to be like?!

- I've had this tremendous urge to go on a shopping spree. The temptation is so strong and it's killing me! At least buying the kids new clothes and school supplies has helped.

- Little messes around our house have been driving me crazy. Toys. Clothes. Dishes. Crumbs. I feel like I want to just throw whatever is in my way instead of put it where it belongs. I've tried to rebel by not sweeping the floor again because I just did it an hour ago, but I don't have it in me. It's too hard for me to look at. It's also hard because Matt's definition of a clean house and mine are very different.

- I'm so tired of the presidential election I could throw up. I just want everyone to get along and respect whoever is chosen to run our country. It's definitely not a job I would want to take on.

- My hair has been so snarly I want to rip it out of my head. Matt wants me to get a pixie cut. Maybe I should think about it more...

- I've been worried lately that I'm not a good enough wife or mother. I compare myself to other women a lot and I know it's not healthy. All I know is that I can honestly say I am trying my best and I will always try my best in this aspect of my life. I love my family!

The rest of my week is busy and filled with fun things. Here's to thinking positive thoughts!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the first of 1st.

Ethnie started first grade yesterday. Whoa. ETHNIE STARTED FIRST GRADE YESTERDAY. I still haven't completely absorbed that fact yet. It feels weird. I feel a bit sad, a bit old, and extremely happy for her all at the same time. She is so excited about school! I thought she might be an emotional mess yesterday morning, but she was pumped. 
She had so much to talk about when she got off the bus after school. She had a wonderful day and still had energy! (we're working on getting to bed earlier.)
Ethnie and her buddy Oliver
and she's off! so proud of you sweet girl!