Sunday, April 28, 2013

my new job.

I recently took a part-time job! Susan Brown, a lovely woman I know from church, asked me if I'd like to help her with her honey business. Susan is a beekeeper and has multiple rooftop hives on various buildings in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, including the Foshay Tower, Regency Hyatt, and St. Paul Depot. She also just opened a new honey kitchen on Kellogg Blvd. in St. Paul, which is where I am working. One thing she makes with her honey are these amazing honey bon-bons. My main duties right now are to help finish the final touches on the new kitchen, gilding the bon-bons, and making deliveries to clients. So far it has been really fun! 
the bees! I got to meet these guys last week in lowertown St. Paul. so amazing!

Thursday night we had a launch party for Susan's new honey kitchen. It turned out great! I am so happy for her. The party was for clients and close friends. She had lovely flowers, art, food and drinks galore. She also had hives there to demonstrate how the honey process works.
the party's theme: art by A.M. Cassandre, a Ukrainian-French painter and commercial poster artist from the 1930s.
 boxes of yummy bon-bons.
 smoked scotch honey bon-bons. the honey is smoked at the Heartland in downtown St. Paul.
 the original honey bon-bon: creamed honey, dark chocolate, edible gold leaf.
 different honeys Susan has gotten from around the world.
 her own honey lemonade. to. die. for.
could you get honey more fresh than this??? so yummy.
Susan Brown herself!
 my man and his baguette.
 a card Ethnie made for Susan.
 Susan showing an artistic video.
congratulations Susan! cheers!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

new favorite author.

We took a trip to the library awhile back and picked up a couple of adorable books. I am officially in love with this children's author. Emmett wants me to read him these books to him every day! He loves the illustrations and stories. This story is a little odd, but really simple and cute. Emmett loves the fact that is has a silly monster in it.
Here is another one of his adorable books about a huge family of bunnies. The illustrations are adorable.

Next time you're at the library check them out! I've already decided I'm going to buy both of these for my kids!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

big-boy bed(s).

Lately, I've been redecorating the kids' room. We want to transition Emmett out of his crib in the next few weeks, so we got a set of bunk beds. I am proud to say that he has been sleeping in his new bed for two weeks successfully! I am tempted to take the crib down this weekend.
Ethnie gets the top bunk (of course) and Emmett is interested and loving his new bed and is encouraged to sleep in it whenever he wants.
I'm having a hard time decorating a shared room between a boy and a girl. I can't paint and I don't want them to have the same color scheme just so things match. Sigh... For now, I got them each wall decals and put them next to their bed so they have their own personal space. They also have their own bedding. The rest of the decor in the room will be mostly white.
When the crib is taken down, I will make a reading nook and get another dresser to match the one we already have. I am also getting new curtains.
They love playing "up high" together.

 cute superheroes and car sheets for Emmett. his duvet cover is gray.

 (really wish I could paint these walls...)
Ethnie loves her pink bedding and horses on the wall.

More pictures to come!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

overnight getaway.

I need to catch up with y'all a bit. Last weekend, Matt and I took the kids to Grammy and Papa's house and went to the Covington Inn Bed and Breakfast on Harriet Island. This place is so cute and charming! It's a houseboat on the river and stays open all year round. We made our reservation a couple of months ago, obviously thinking by the middle of April it would be green and a BIT warmer. Not the case. A snowstorm had just ended and it was blustery and freezing. Instead of sitting out on the deck, we were snuggled up by the fireplace. Regardless of the weather, we had a very nice time together away from the kids. We hope to stay here again in the summer so we can enjoy the deck and walk around the park.
literally docked on the river.
this parlor is so cute!
 our cozy room.
 clowning around.
I love St. Paul. Have a great week!

Friday, April 12, 2013

latest lit #9.

I have been plowing through this book for the past few months(!) and I can't do it anymore. This book was lame and predictable and I would not recommend it! I saw the trailer for the movie (starring Robert Pattinson) and decided to read the book, thinking it might be interesting. Not the case. I am about three-quarters of the way through and that is as far as I will get. I have already started a new novel and I am enjoying it.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the sorcerer's apprentice 2013.

On Friday night, Ethnie performed in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The Classical Ballet Academy opened for Ballet Minnesota as part of this year's MN Music Festival. She had a small part as a 'night creature' and did an excellent job! It's amazing to me how these 4-6 year-olds get up on stage in a filled auditorium and dance. Like usual, I volunteered backstage. It's my favorite part about the performances (other than watching my daughter, of course). I LOVE being backstage watching the company dancers warm up. It's chaotic, but exciting. The only disappointing part is that I have a limited opportunity to take photos. That means having to snap off as many as I can in a crowded dressing room in difficult lighting. 
getting ready!
 (poor girl had severely dry skin under her mouth that cracked open.)
 so excited!
 Ethnie with her friend Kimmy.
 comparing costumes
 telling secrets?
 makeup ready!
 (Ethnie wanted to take a picture of me. She LOVES the camera.)
 coloring with her friends while they wait to line up.
 little butt.
going on any minute! (Ethnie was a little nervous.)
show time!
so very proud of you, Ethnie!