Saturday, February 7, 2015

the blog has moved!

I have decided to switch blog providers because of too many technical difficulties with this site. This blog will still be live, but will no longer be updated. Eventually, I want to export all of the info on this blog over to the new one and delete this one entirely. Until then, feel free to look at previous posts here, and check out the new blog here! Also, Emmett's blog will remain the same. Thanks for following!

Friday, January 30, 2015

great-grandparents and swimming lessons.

Last weekend we had our last Christmas gathering with my mom's extended family. Always a party, let me tell you! And a house full of people. I hardly took any photos, but was able to capture some sweet moments between Emmett and my grandparents. Normally, Emmett is very overwhelmed at these family gatherings (crowded environments, in general) and doesn't want to talk much. He usually finds a corner to play in by himself and escape from the others. But he was brave enough to socialize this time with great-grandma and great-grandpa during mealtime. :)
hanging out.
^^such a sweet moment between Emmett and my grandpa. they were playing peek-a-boo together and Emmett was laughing really hard.
I have been working on my family history quite a bit lately and it is addicting! I get pretty excited every time I log into and find new notifications. ;) My family tree is getting pretty big and it is so interesting to learn about my ancestors. I have found military documents, immigration charts, photos of  ships, and more. I would love to organize it all in a way where I could make a family tree book.
I am so grateful that I was able to get to know some of my great-grandparents and am even more grateful that our children are able to get to know theirs. I believe family is the most important thing and that we are all connected eternally. I have felt connections to family members I have discovered through working on my family history and it is very rewarding.    

Ethnie started level 3 swimming on Monday! She was so excited to get to work. I feel like swimming is an activity that strengthens her self esteem. She is always proud of herself when she masters a new skill in swimming. And she is so dang cute to watch. *Disclaimer: The lighting at the pool is a horrendous yellow and no amount of editing or filters could make these photos look better. The lighting there reminds me of food-warming lamps in kitchens of restaurants. Yuck!
boogie boarding with a new friend
practicing her front stroke and rhythmic breathing. this was a hard concept for her to grasp. 
good job Ethnie!
^^back float looking good!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

the cutest snowman around.

The weather is finally more tolerable. It is such a relief to walk outside and not have razor blade-like-wind cutting your face. Now if the sun would stay out it would make my week even better!
Matt took the kids outside today to build a snowman. By the time I got the camera outside they were mostly done, but I got a few good photos. I think the snowman turned out super cute!
 Ethnie named her Martha :)
 putting on some better arms.
 all done!
 we named the baby one Fitz.
 Emmett refusing to put his mittens back on. sigh. a constant battle. he hates them.
good work guys! looks like Emmett won the mittens battle.

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ethnie turns 9.

My darling little girl turned 9 years old on Tuesday. :) She had a very busy and fun-filled day! It's crazy to think that she is entering her second half of third grade, is becoming so imaginative and creative, and is beginning to show innate nurturing and motherly qualities. (she even graduated from her booster seat.)
of course, her day started by opening her gifts. :) 
^^ Legos from her brother.
^^ a tent and sleeping bag for her American Girl doll
^^ new books and money from Nana. the Boxcar Children is a great choice!!
Despite the below-freezing temps (a lovely consequence of having a winter birthday), we took Ethnie and her best girlfriends to the community center to swim at the water park.They had a blast getting out of the cold. Ethnie kept saying, "This is the best birthday EVER!"
Afterwards, we all went back to our place for build-your-own cupcakes and gifts. Ethnie was embarrassed while we sang to her. :)

^^ Emmett had no problem being the only boy at the party. :)

^^ in love with his cupcake.
^^ adorable group!

opening her gifts

Ethnie got some wonderful, creative gifts. She also got lovely cards and money from family. Thank you everyone! Ethnie loves all of her new presents. She is such a lucky girl!
We love you doll! Happiest birthday to you. :)