Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ethnie turns 9.

My darling little girl turned 9 years old on Tuesday. :) She had a very busy and fun-filled day! It's crazy to think that she is entering her second half of third grade, is becoming so imaginative and creative, and is beginning to show innate nurturing and motherly qualities. (she even graduated from her booster seat.)
of course, her day started by opening her gifts. :) 
^^ Legos from her brother.
^^ a tent and sleeping bag for her American Girl doll
^^ new books and money from Nana. the Boxcar Children is a great choice!!
Despite the below-freezing temps (a lovely consequence of having a winter birthday), we took Ethnie and her best girlfriends to the community center to swim at the water park.They had a blast getting out of the cold. Ethnie kept saying, "This is the best birthday EVER!"
Afterwards, we all went back to our place for build-your-own cupcakes and gifts. Ethnie was embarrassed while we sang to her. :)

^^ Emmett had no problem being the only boy at the party. :)

^^ in love with his cupcake.
^^ adorable group!

opening her gifts

Ethnie got some wonderful, creative gifts. She also got lovely cards and money from family. Thank you everyone! Ethnie loves all of her new presents. She is such a lucky girl!
We love you doll! Happiest birthday to you. :)

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