our home

We live in St. Paul in the Lexington/Hamline neighborhood about two miles west of downtown St. Paul. The closest landmark to our place would probably be the Governor's mansion. We really like this area. It's very close to Ethnie's school (3 blocks) and only a 10-minute drive from where Matt works. We also love it because it's close to the city!

We are currently renting and it's a good position for us right now because when Matt is done with his MBA we are willing to go anywhere the best job is at. We are in a duplex and the owner lives in the upper unit. We are not allowed to paint and are limited to what we are allowed to hang on the walls, so as far as decorating goes, I do what I can. Here are some pictures of our humble abode:

our place in the winter...

in the summer


with the new chairs

living room
playroom/office (workstation is around the corner)

hallway down to bedrooms and bathroom

kids' room


More pictures to come!

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