Tuesday, July 31, 2012

25 months.

dear emmett,

i feel like you just turned two yesterday, but it's been over a month since then! this has been a big month for you, actually. you are FINALLY starting to say more! i was getting worried for awhile, even though your doctor was not. you still like to sign a lot, but you are talking a lot too. yea! your voice is so little and cute; i love listening to anything you have to say. some of your new phrases:

excuse me
milk, please (or this, please)
ethnie (you say "E E")
where'd she go

so i think the ball is finally rolling as far as speech goes. i'm proud of you bud. you have also been quite crazy lately; the natural boy coming out, i suppose.

love -mom

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

importance of family.

I took these pictures last week while we were on our Sunday walk and I realized how much I love doing such a simple thing together. I love it because it is precious time we have together that I look forward to every week. I love that on Sundays we rest from our labors and dedicate that day as the Sabbath and focus on what is most important to us - our family. We have a very simple routine on Sundays; we hang out in the morning, go to church, make a nice dinner together afterwards, then head out for our walk. Sometimes, it's in our neighborhood. Sometimes, we go somewhere else. I love watching the kids walk and run together and I love watching Ethnie take Emmett's hand when they cross the street. So cute.
Emmett gets so excited when we go outside. He runs over to the door and tries to turn the doorknob. As soon as he's on the sidewalk he lumbers along and is so happy. He is so much fun right now!
I love watching my boys together.
Ethnie loves being the leader and riding her scooter. She always has interesting things to ask us, which makes for great conversation.
heading down Summit Ave.
I couldn't ask for a better blessing!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

bastille day block party.

Sorry for all of the changes to the blog lately. I've had issues with my header being blurry with blurry pictures. :( So I removed it and settled with the way it is now. Anyway............ 

Last Saturday we went to our neighborhood's annual Bastille Day block party. It was our first year going and it was adorable!! The street was blocked off all night. There were tables and chairs set up like a restaurant, decor hung, tons of fabulous food, and a full-service bar! So cute. The menu was a potluck style and there was some amazing grub. All the kids had a blast together too! They all ran around playing with balls, bubbles and chalk. It was great catching up with neighbors and meeting new ones! I think I got some pretty decent pics. It was nice celebrating France's triumph!
I love our neighborhood
cute decor
yummy bruschetta!
face painting for the kids 
bubble machine
having fun playing in the street
neighborhood friends Ella and Katie
getting pretty dirty
the masterpieces! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

latest lit #3.

I've decided to write about each novel I read and I will be calling these posts "latest lit". I just finished Shopgirl by Steve Martin and enjoyed it. It was a very fast read and what I would categorize as 'chick lit'. I got into it right away and was satisfied with the ending. I like the shopping aspect, dating, and the bits of drama. I also discovered that this book was made into a movie in 2005 and that Steve Martin is one of the main characters, which I think is weird. If you read this book I think you'll agree that he should not have been casted as that character. I don't think I'll see the movie because I don't want it to ruin the book. Read it for yourself! It's only 130 pages. Therefore, if you don't like it you won't waste much time with it.
Until next time! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

only 12 days to go!

Did you know there are 36 events in the summer olympic games??? Did you also know that there are only 12 short days left until they start?! I am pumped. I love the olympics. The events I will definitely be watching are rowing, swimming, diving, track, gymnastics, triathlon, and biking. This will probably be the most tv I will have watched all year! I think I will be glued to it. I don't have any favorite athletes; I admire all of them. But I am partial to US athletes. :) I love watching the opening ceremonies and cheering on the contenders! 
The Olympic Flame takes to water at Henley on Thames 
go rowers!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

latest lit #2.

I finished this book, Murder on Astor Place, a few days ago and wanted to tell y'all about it. I thought it was pretty good! It's a turn-of-the-century murder mystery and the first of the series. A lady working at B&N turned me on to it. It took me longer to finish this one because the page turning anticipation didn't start until the last quarter of the book. All in all, it's a nice clean 'beach read' that does keep you guessing. There's also a nice twist in it toward the end. I am now reading Shopgirl by Steve Martin. I LOVE him as an actor and already feel the same way about his writing. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

sun, swim, sleep, repeat.

Our vacation at Heath's Resort was wonderful. Despite the heat (100 degrees all week!), we had a great time with family and stayed cool by swimming and boating. Our cabin was just right for all of us and the resort was lovely. We have decided to make this an annual event! We are looking forward to many more 4th of July memories with family on the Whitefish chain! Check out all the photos. :)
Emmett liked spending some quality time with grandpa Tom.
Ethnie was a fish all week. She would have stayed in the lake all day if I let her! On the second day, she developed a bad case of swimmer's itch. :( Not fun for her. Poor girl. She was very itchy, but such a trooper about it. We went through a lot of Benadryl.
Martina brought an inflatable pool for the littlest kids to put on the deck, which was awesome because they could still play while we made meals or wanted a break from the lake.
Emmett loved exploring down by the water, especially the docks.
My step sister, Shannon and little Mataya.
Martina, baby Isabelle, and Shannon
my step brother, Ryan rockin' the kayak.
Dad's boat.
the kids loved going for rides on grandpa's boat 
Matt through Ethnie off the dock and she loved it.
uncle Steve playing play-doh with the kids.
my boys
Nancy and Dad looking good!!
Happy 4th of July!
Mataya and Ethnie with their patriotic outfits and stickers!
in the group photo: Shannon's husband Harley, Shannon, Ryan's wife Martina, me, Dad, Steve's wife Alison, and Steve. We were stopping for a dip at the sand bar!
another ride and dip at sunset :)
celebrating Emmett's and Alison's birthdays
 Mataya helping Alison blow out her candles.
Alison helping Emmett blow out his.
Emmett like wearing his life jacket around in the cabin.
flirting with Isabelle. sooooo cute!
helping her with her nook
being silly after a bath

Dad and Nancy,
Thank you so very much for such a great new family tradition. It means a lot to us. We had an awesome week and can't wait until next year! Don't get no better, right? :)