Monday, November 17, 2008

2008 Chocolate Extravaganza

Over the weekend, Meg (Matt's mom), Ethnie and I went to the Minneapolis Convention Center to check out the Chocolate Extravaganza. Wow! We all had gut rot within a half hour of arriving! We tried all kinds of confections and breads. We even tried 'sipping chocolate', which was simply divine! There were baking demonstrations, a chocolate fashion show, drawings and prizes, and a chocolate sculpture contest. The photos I have posted are mostly of the sculpture contest. These are amazing! They are made entirely of chocolate and some of them also had cake in them. Ethnie had a lot of fun with her Grandma, especially when we got to ride in 'Grandma's black truck'. I would recommend the Chocolate Extravaganza to all you chocolate lovers! It's a yummy time!