Sunday, August 25, 2013

gasp! only week left of summer?

Ahhh, summer. Sometimes you are like a sweet dream that I wake from too early. I wish you lasted longer so I could let go of you easier...
 At least I can honestly say that I savor every day of summer and try to fill it with as many outdoor activities as possible.
I've been a bit behind in posting so I'm dumping quite a few photos onto this one. Here are some great summer activities we've enjoyed in the past couple of weeks:
trying golf.
upper-landing park. we love this place.
Ethnie and Olivia

 como zoo with Nana.

block party #1.

block party #2.    

Irish fair. Did you know it's the biggest one in the country??
 I thought this would be cool to check out.
 Gaelic Storm!
blue-eyed blonde buddy.

Ethnie went on her annual camping trip with Nana. Nana only took a few pictures, but they had a great time and the weather was nice!

Hope you are all having a great end to your summer.
On our agenda for the last week:
swimming, swimming, swimming
play dates
school open house
normal bed times
science museum
Labor Day weekend ???

Summer is going out with a bang so try to stay cool!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

latest lit #12.

I recently borrowed this book from a friend and intended to pick through it and read the areas that I needed "help" with as a mom with a young boy. As I used it as a reference, I found myself reading full chapters, then soon half of the book. It is so interesting and informative! This book covers everything from how a male mind works to teaching discipline, morals, sexuality, and role models to boys. It has opened my eyes to how different boys are from girls and how they need different styles/levels of discipline, affection and teaching. It has also helped greatly with things I might be doing as a mother that could damage or benefit my son. 
I recommend this book to anyone who has or is ever planning on raising a boy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

our weekend with malin.

Our dear friends and neighbors, Traecy and Olivia, were out of town for the weekend and asked us to watch Malin (pronounced Mollyn), their pomeranian! She is the cutest dog I have ever seen and I love her to pieces. I think I am her biggest fan. We got to take care of her for 3 days and it was so fun! It was so much cuteness in one weekend I couldn't stand it.  
look at that face!
so tiny
playing with a ball we gave her.

A few of Ethnie's neighbor friends came to help out with walking her. Everyone loves Malin!
 Kayla, Ella and Ethnie playing with Malin
 so small you can hardly see her over the grass!
playing with her favorite bear
 even the man of the house was won over by her.;)
 the puff ball
at the end of each day she was really tired.

We love you, Malin! Come back to Chatau de Vogl anytime!!