Wednesday, May 29, 2013

on a sunnier note...

It's been really gloomy and rainy here this week, so I thought I'd post some warmth and brightness. Sorry the pictures of the kids playing are usually in the driveway; this seems to be where I capture the happy moments.
cold water!
Emmett's "man" barbie.

We sure hope the weather allows us to go swimming soon!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

green is good.

The rain from over the weekend was like a magic potion. I swear withing an hour after the storm our yard turned vibrant, along with the rest of the neighborhood. It looks beautiful and I am so grateful it is warm and sunnier! Spring reminds me of how amazing creation is.
Ethnie and her scooter brigade go up and down the sidewalk almost every day for most of the afternoon.
(there are usually 5-6 of them)
hauling a load.
lemonade break with friends.

the Barbies have been spending plenty of time outside.
silly buddy.

hope you are all having a great week!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

my little friend.

I feel like Emmett and I went through a lot this winter. I didn't think this could be possible, but we have grown even closer together. I think being home together and forced to stay inside because of the never-ending snow has helped us to appreciate each other more.
Now, (knock on wood) it is Spring and warm outside. We have been outside most of the day; we come inside for nap time and head back out for round two when Emmett wakes up. I can't begin to tell you how great the warm air and sun feels on my skin. I even feel like my soul is happier! I promise you all, I will not complain about one hot day this summer. I might get concerned about the heat with my kids, but not for myself. I will appreciate each warm degree we have this summer.   
Emmett has been so sweet and affectionate lately. He will walk up to me, give me a hug and say, "Hi buddy." This kills me. It couldn't melt my heart more. He also tells me he loves me all the time and doesn't want me to leave him. And when I come home from being apart from him, he gives me the warmest greeting a person could ask for. It makes me feel so rewarded for being a mom. I am so grateful to know my children, and for them to know me. Here are some updated pictures of my cute, growing-bigger-by-the-minute-but-still-little buddy. 
The first couple of days after Emmett slept in his new bed he was tired. He learned pretty quickly that getting up multiple times after putting him down affects him in the long run.

nap hair
chubby feet
trucks, trucks, trucks.
how would you like to wake up to this face?
taking a serious nap.
throwing a tantrum.
playing at Choo Choo Bob's.
taking walks.

I love you Emmett!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

school fun fair.

Last Friday night JJ Hill had its annual fun fair for all students and their families. I was working and unable to attend, but Matt was able to go. He and the kids had a nice time together. The school always puts on a great carnival. Parents volunteer and all of the money raised and donated goes to the school. There were classic carnival games, a bounce house, face painting, and of course prizes!
Matt snapped off a few photos with his phone. Thanks babe!
bounce house 
having a blast
Emmett looks so old here
Ethnie with her friend Lucy

cheetah faces