Thursday, March 27, 2014

level 2. check!

Ethnie finished level 2 swimming this week and she passed!! She was so proud of herself. I'll never forget the look on her face when she looked at her certificate and skipped up to me beaming. She tried so hard and has come a long way with her swimming skills. Ethnie was afraid she wasn't going to pass because, as you know, it took her 3 times before she passed Level 1. I really enjoyed watching her and cheering her on this season. She was the cutest on in the pool! ;) For more action on Ethnie swimming, check out my Facebook or Instagram page to see videos. 
Ethnie and her instructor, Fiona.
Ethnie and her new friend, Lily.
Ethnie is such a sweet little girl and is such a great friend. Ethnie's new friend Lily did not pass Level 2 this time. After we were all changed and ready to leave, Ethnie ran up to Lily and said, "Lily, it's okay if you don't pass the first time. I didn't pass Level 1 and I had to redo it three times." Then she gave her a hug. Lily smiled and I could tell she felt better. 
You are such a kind person and you make me very proud! Great job passing Level 2! I know you will be awesome in Level 3!
love- mom

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

different, not less.

Yesterday was a big, long day for all of us. We were at Children's for five hours with Emmett for his assessment. It was a lot to handle for him, but he couldn't have been more cooperative and flexible. He was such a good boy through the whole thing and we were so proud of him. By the way, have I raved about how much I love Children's Hospital? The. Best.
Emmett was diagnosed with autism. Matt and I were bracing ourselves for that outcome, but it's still overwhelming to hear a doctor say it out loud and make it our new reality. I surprised myself; not one tear was shed by me. I stayed really strong. Maybe tomorrow will be different. 
The assessment was broken up into three parts. The first part was auditory, which Emmett passed with flying colors! He normally hates having anything on his head, but he kept the headphones on. I think he had a little helper from above. ;) He had a standard hearing test integrated with toys. The other part of the test involved him repeating words out loud when he heard the doctor say them. 
how adorable and small does Emmett look sitting there behind the glass?:)

The second part of the assessment was speech/communication. Emmett had some difficulties in this area. He and the doctor looked at books, played with toys and did different things with objects to assess how well he can speak and converse with others. He has a hard time understanding directions, describing things he sees, and using proper pronouns. He will be starting speech therapy to help with these difficulties.

 The third part of the assessment was was behavioral. Dr. Amy looked over the results of the first two parts, did her own observing and testing, asked us tons of questions about his behavior and habits, then gave her diagnosis.This was the longest part of the assessment and Emmett was getting so tired, but he held on.
Dr. Amy also wants Emmett to start occupational therapy. This will help greatly with his difficulties with eating, getting dressed, potty training, etc. He may also need physical therapy down the road. We also need to make an appointment for him through the school district to see what his options are.

The minute we pulled out of the parking ramp, Emmett was asleep. It was such a big day for him. It was 5:00 by the time we left the hospital. Then we had to race to pick up Ethnie from her friend's house to get her to swimming by 6:00. Let's just say we had a late dinner and hardly got any homework done. Hmph.
I love you with all my heart and soul. You are an amazing boy. Dad and I are going to get you all the help you need to unlock all of your skills and talents. Life has so much to offer; just you wait!
love- mom

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ethnie's baptism.

Saturday was a very special day for our family. Ethnie got baptized and she was so happy! Before I say anything else, I want you all to know how mad at myself I am because I FORGOT MY CAMERA. GRRR. The pictures here are either taken from someone else (thank you!) or are quick snaps off of my phone. What do you do.... If I get any others emailed to me I will post them.

Here we are before the baptism started. Ethnie and Matt are both in their baptismal clothes; all white to represent purity. Matt had the privilege of performing the baptism and he did a great job. :) Such a special moment for them to share. And yes, Emmett was there too! He was running around and sitting with family. He looked so dapper in his shirt and tie. Of course, I didn't get a picture with him. I was so preoccupied. Ugh.
Proud grandparents, Meg and Tim. They both wore some purple for Ethnie because it's her favorite  color. So cute. :)
Adorable picture with Nana. Thanks, Meg for taking this.

Cameras are not allowed during the actual ceremony of the baptism, but I snapped off a couple after Ethnie changed into her dress and was socializing. We had some yummy cupcakes and punch.
 opening gifts and feeling great! thank you everyone for the lovely presents.
Ethnie with one of her best friends, Olivia. She and her mom live just down the street.
Afterwards, we invited family to come out for dinner at Fabulous Ferns on Cathedral Hill in St. Paul. This is the only picture I got. Hmph. We all had a nice time and the entire event went really well! We are so grateful to family and friends who were able to make the drive to be with Ethnie on her special day. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

8 is great!

We are excited to announce that this lovely girl is getting baptized on Saturday! Now that she is eight years old, she can get baptized in our church and she can't wait! We believe at eight years old, a child is old enough to be accountable for the choices they make. They are old enough to fully understand right from wrong, and can choose for themselves if they want to be baptized in the church. 

Ethnie needed to have her own interview with our bishop at church before she can be baptized. In this simple interview, the bishop asked her if she believes in God, Jesus Christ, and why she wants to be baptized. He feels she is ready to be baptized.
The baptism will be simple and fairly short with a couple of songs and talks. It is a special thing to witness. It is especially neat for little kids to watch. :)
I am so excited for your baptism on Saturday. You are such a special girl and I am so very proud of you! I want you to know that you are a child of God who is very loved. I know you will be happy and abundantly blessed in your decision to be baptized. I am proud of you for striving each day to make good choices and for being kind to others around you. :)
love- mom