Friday, November 29, 2013

birthday weekend.

My birthday was on Monday this year so I celebrated over the weekend. Last weekend (this post is a bit late). My mom came for a visit, which was great!
On Saturday, I took her to a painting class (early birthday gift for her) and we had fun and got to take home our art! We did some early Christmas shopping, came home for dinner, then headed out to the Target Center to see Philip Philips and John Mayer. Thanks for staying home with the kids, babe!
Philip Philips
We got a great deal on tickets and got to sit in an executive suite. It was awesome; private bathroom, refrigerator, sink, ice, couches, and a great balcony to watch the show. It was so fun to have plenty of room and put your feet up! I was especially grateful to be able to get up and move around because I had nasty cold and was dealing with lots of coughing and blowing my nose. YUCK.
John Mayer
On Sunday, we rested, ate yummy lasagna for lunch, and did some crafts with the kids. After my mom left we went to Matt's parents' house for dinner. Meg made me Chinese and French Silk pie. So good!

On Monday Matt took the day off so we could hang out and so I could try to sleep off my cold. I also got to get my hair done and catch up with my friend, Kristy. After dinner we had some DQ ice cream cake. My favorite. Ethnie was especially excited. :) 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We hosted Matt's family and it was lovely. I can't believe the Christmas season is upon us! We are looking forward to decorating the house and getting into the spirit of Christmas!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

our weekend.

Our weekend was spent staying busy at home. I cleaned and got some sewing done. I made some new pillow covers for the couch with some new fabric I got and I love how they look. One of these days I will update my 'our home' page and it will have new photos.
When Matt got home from work, we raked the yard. Late, I know, but we have this huge tree in our front yard and I swear it is the LAST tree in the state to shed it's leaves in the fall. It's still shedding, but we wanted to get the bulk of it done before anymore snow comes. I will also add that we have the MOST leaves to rake in our neighborhood for the size of yard we have. Somehow, all the leaves that blow around through the streets end up in our yard. Couple that with our massive tree and you get a full day of raking and bagging. This is always fun for the kids. They love running, jumping and rolling through the piles of leaves!
Emmett especially had fun playing in the leaves this year. 
When Matt and I bag leaves I always giggle and make fun of him because every time he shovels up an armful of leaves and dumps them into the bag he lets out this loud "sigh". Every time. He didn't realize he does this until I pointed it out and now we always laugh about it. 

On Saturday afternoon Ethnie got to have a sleepover at her friend Olivia's house! This was her second sleepover and she had a great time. Olivia lives down the street from us. Her mom took them out for Chinese for dinner and bought them each a new American Girl chapter book. Thanks Traecy!
They had a blast playing with their dolls and the dog!

On Sunday Ethnie had a little program at church with all the other kids. They sing hymns and each get to have a speaking part. Ethnie talked about how she knows Heavenly Father wants us to pray to him and that we can pray anytime, anywhere. She is such a good example and has great faith. I was so proud listening to her sing and talk about such an important topic!

I hope you all have a great week. My main goal is to not let the cold get me down. It's going to warm up again next weekend. :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

our halloween in 2013.

We had a great Halloween this year. It was fun and not too cold. It was also Emmett's first time trick-or-treating. Years past he just wanted to ride in the stroller, but this year he actually wanted to go to the door himself and ask for candy. He also ate the most candy he has ever had in one sitting. Bad move. Fortunately, he didn't throw it all up, but he did stay up past midnight and drive the rest of us crazy! Next year we will be paying closer attention to the candy intake.

The first part of the fun consisted of decorating gourds. Years past we have carved/decorated pumpkins, but they are always demolished by squirrels. This year we made it simple.  
Emmett liked painting his versus drawing on it
so creative

We went to our annual church Halloween party the weekend before Halloween. This is always fun and safe. There are carnival games, crafts, and contests. Also, parents decorate their cars in the parking lot and all the kids go around and 'trunk-or-treat' for candy. :)
there was a fun photo booth app set up for families to get photos together.

Midweek, Emmett wanted to wear his costume to Culver's. It was hilarious. He loves his skeleton costume.

Thursday night we went trick-or-treating as a family and Ethnie's friend Olivia and her mom came with us. We went around two blocks and their bags were filled!
 yes, the only shot I got of both of them looking at the camera is blurry. ugh.

Hope you all had a great Halloween! Now that it's November, I guess the snow can come. And tomorrow it shall. (deep down I'm dreading it.)