Wednesday, October 30, 2013

quick catch-up: stitches are out :)

Last Tuesday evening we went to the pediatrician to get Emmett's stitches removed. I was really nervous, being unsure of how he would react. He is always on edge when we go there. But he was very cooperative! His doctor gave him a sucker before he got started and he stayed very still and quiet. He was such a good boy and I was very proud of him. Great job buddy!!
waiting for doc to come in and work his magic

We were able to take the bandage strips off on Sunday and the cut is healing very nicely and looks great! I think the scar is going to be minimal. (whewww...) So far he hasn't scratched at it or bumped it. We are crossing out fingers!

We are excited for Halloween tomorrow! Emmett has been wearing his costume around. He is a skeleton and Ethnie is a cute little witch. I hope you all have a fun Halloween! Be safe with the little ones! :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

ER visit.

Last night at around 8:30, the kids were squirrelly before bed and were messing around. This usually involves running, tackling, and lots of giggling. All of that came to a screeching halt when Emmett went head first into the radiator along our living room wall and was gushing blood. And I mean gushing; running in his eyes and caking his hair. (We've gone 5 years without any accidents in our home with radiators and kids. Never say never, I guess.) Luckily, my friend Roselynn was over to sit with Ethnie while Matt and I rushed off to Children's.
We got in right away and the nurse put numbing cream and bandages on the sight while we waited for the doctor. He also got a large dose of Ibuprofen. Saddest face I've ever seen.
We had to wait 45 minutes to make sure the gash was completely numb. In the meantime we read books and cuddled. I had to try pretty hard to put on a brave face.
After the Ibuprofen kicked in, he started to perk up. He started talking again and walking around. He learned about the popsicles good boys and girls get after they are all fixed up. That cracked a smile!
Working their magic. Before she started, she explained how they were going to have to restrain Emmett to keep him from thrashing around. This freaked me out and I knew it wouldn't go well. He always screams when people hold him down. I kept anticipating the screaming and freaking out from him, but it never came. He was laying on the bed still THE WHOLE TIME. I know there were angels around him keeping him calm. There is no other way to explain it. I'm sure the iPad helped a bit too.
Seven stitches later, most of the blood was wiped out of his hair and he was enjoying every drop of his popsicle. You deserved it, buddy! A HUGE thank-you to everyone who helped Emmett at Children's. Man, I love that place.

He slept all night and woke up business as usual. It's amazing to me how resilient little ones can be. He hasn't complained once. I've been on him like a hawk trying to keep him from running and playing too hard. (Now I really feel like I need that vacation.) On Tuesday he gets the stitches removed.

Emmett, I am so glad you are okay and feeling better! You are a very brave boy and I love you!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

my son. do i need a vacation from him ???

I feel like my fuse has been especially short with Emmett lately. It takes a lot of patience and deep breaths to prevent me from losing it throughout the day. I try really hard to always use a kind tone of voice with my kids, but it has been a real challenge the past several days. Maybe I need a vacation?

I've recently seen some photos floating around that directly relate to me as a mother. Usually, they are meant to be funny, but a lot of times when I see these "comic cartoon" photos I don't laugh at all. I just think, "That is totally true...."
I love this. Most days this is how I feel and think when I'm at home with my buddy. I love being his momma. It's so great being home with him to watch his discoveries and growing along side him.
taken from my talented friend Kristy.
playing with Izzy. in her crate...

On the flip side, I feel like this a lot as well. Change the hair color to blonde and that is me in the photo below. Even if it's only for one minute they just have to come in and watch...
this is how I feel getting ready for a date or on Sunday mornings getting ready for church.

days when I discover big messes can be hard,
or when I find presents from him on the floor (still working on potty training). sigh...

Regardless if my day is "easy" of "hard" with Emmett I like to think that I am trying my hardest to be a good mother to both of my kids. I hope they think the same thing. But I still think I should go on vacation.
I hope you are all having an "easy" and enjoyable week!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

fall fun.

We like to hit up Country Sun Farm in Oakdale every year. Tuesday was gorgeous and Matt had to work late so the kids and I spent the later part of the afternoon there. I love early fall when the weather is still warm but and the leaves have some color on them. For almost an hour we had the whole place to ourselves! Kind of nice.
 not in the mood to smile for the camera AT ALL.
 These goats were so funny. One of them actually jumped over the fence and was loose on the farm. We also heard one let out a loud fart!
 teaching Emmett how to feed them

 Ethnie loved letting the chickens eat out of her hand.
 picking out some to decorate
 Emmett loved playing with the gourds.
 there is never enough selection...

We are planning on decorating our house and gourds this weekend! Hope yours is great as well!